Happy National Caramel Apple Day!




Happy Halloween everybody! One of my favorite treats of all time is a caramel apple. And I’ll tell you why – a) everything is better covered in caramel, and b) you can’t feel guilty about eating this because there’s fruit on the inside no matter what you cover it in! Now, if anyone is at all like me you’re a little bit afraid to tackle these things; especially in public. It’s so embarrassing when you go in for a bite and not only does the wind blow your hair into a knotted, caramel mess but you also can’t bite through the apple skin so you’re stuck with caramel stuck to your teeth and a whole apple. Well, I’ve found a solution! Granted, I did only find it, not invent it so don’t give me too much credit yet. What you need to do is to chop the apple in quarters making a sort of square right around the stick so that you can pick the apple up in slices and the core is already out of the equation. The kind lady at Safeway didn’t really understand what I was asking for so she cut right up to the stick. I had to pull all the seeds and dense core bits out as I walked and ate but it was still very nice of her to chop it up for me. Now – I actually do have a caramel apple invention to share. It’s untested but I do think it will really change this fall treat forever: what we need to do is core the apple first. How genius is that? This way you can eat the entire apple without dealing with the pesky core and theoretically there would be caramel on the inside! If I had mom’s handy-dandy apple corer here I would have tried it out, but of course I didn’t. So $2 later I had a brilliantly tasty, not so healthy lunch from the back of Safeway! Enjoy your apples and if someone gets rich with my core-less caramel apple theory I have proof that I thought of it first right here!



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