Happy National Cat Day!

IMG_4547 IMG_4549Hello!

This holiday is dedicated to the cattiest, mereowiest woman I know – Miss Lindsey. I know it’s pretty hip to be a crazy cat lady and have cat themed wallets and wall art but this one is not playing around. Who else do you know that has a photo album dedicated to over 250 photos of cats?

Now, to be completely honest – and please don’t take this the wrong way – I’m more of a dog person. I think cats are grumpy, moody, and overall a little unsettling to be around but they also are adorably soft, fluffy, and demand cuddling at all times. The more I’m around cats the more I like them but I have yet to be convinced that they’re more fun than having a pooch. Jury’s out.

And finally, a shout out to my childhood cat, Kitty. You lived on the edge and were always in some sort of predicament but you were a good cat. “RIP in piece.” – Eric ; )


P.S. For all the P&R fans out there, I think this is fitting for today. If a dog and a cat got married:

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