Happy National Chocolates Day!


We have two holidays to celebrate today and the first is National Lung Health Day! I think smoking is disgusting and I will always be that guy holding their breath while walking through a group of smokers on the sidewalk. I believe my lungs are important not only for my line of work but also for my general health and I’m proud to say I’ve never smoked!

For as much as I love chocolate, I want it to be in something. Fudge swirled ice cream, white chocolate peppermint bark, or chocolate almonds in this case are always better than a plain chocolate bar – even though there is a certain thrill about eating plain chocolate chips by the handful when baking. My grandmother is an amazing baker and in her kitchen she has a whole deep drawer devoted to a large sugar container and an equally large flour container with big metal scoops in each. My brother and I used to take the scoops when she wasn’t looking and pour scoopfuls of sugar into each other’s mouths when we were young and oh-so-wise. I choose to create a similar, more grown up effect with the chocolate chips nowadays… It’s a wonder I’m not 7,000 lbs.



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