Happy National Cranky Co-workers Day


First of all, happy National Visit a Cemetery Day! I have to admit that tonight I didn’t run around seeking a necropolis (thanks Ms. Satak for the vocab word)… First of all, I’m more scared of the hoodlums that hang around those parts than the chance of being haunted by a ghost, and secondly I don’t think there are any cemeteries close to downtown Portland. It’s absolutely freezing outside so I’m not willing to travel very far. I really should have visited one in Albany when I had the chance but you snooze, you lose.

Next up is a holiday that can be twisted just enough to be of use to me! We’ve talked about how right now my job is to be a student and so tonight I’m in full on work-mode with music to woodshed and reeds to scrape. I’m sure my roommates (co-workers, if you will) are getting a little tired of the quacky reed crows and tricky measures repeated on loop until they’re memorized… I promise I’ll be quiet soon! I didn’t want to walk to Lincoln – I’m sorry!

And now, what some, or none, of you have been waiting for – dress shopping story! Today we went out to Bridal Exclusives in Tigard to throw me into the dress hunt and I left with the perfect gown! Well, I theoretically left with the ‘gown’… I have a photo and a hole in my mother’s wallet if that counts for anything. It’s super interesting how you go in with an idea and nothing in person can fit exactly what you had in mind. Some things that I thought I wanted were crossed off the list with a firm, resounding “…no.” from the moment I stepped out of the dressing room. However, when it came down to the top two dresses – one that fit everything I thought I wanted and one that was the complete opposite – I chose one of them. Eric, if you’re reading this – that’s all the information you get. I promise it’s white (or ivory, or oyster, or parchment, or blush, or pearl). (If anyone else actually cares I can divulge some details with an oath of solemn secrecy). But seriously, I had an amazing time today and it’s an experience that I will probably forget with my terrible memory but will want to remember for the rest of my life. Shout out to my mom, Chelsie, Cassie, Lindsey, and Kecia for helping me sort through the blindingly white racks. Oh, and a shout out to Emily and Rachel who were there in spirit. I love you all and couldn’t have done it without you : )



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