Happy National Bread Stix Day!



Yes, the X was intentional… This isn’t a celebration of hand kneaded bread sticks tossed in oil and herbs… No, today we eat questionable dough stix doused in liquid butter and ‘Parmesan’ cheese. And where else would I go for this diet busting delight? Little Caesars, of course!

Tonight I’m in Albany -halleluja! After classes today I hopped onto a bus to Albany. The driver narrated the trip and talked, loudly, to other drivers on the road. Then as if the painstakingly slow, annoying journey wasn’t enough – she went the wrong way through a round about! That made me a little nervous. I spent the whole trip practicing my music and playing along with the symphony in my head. Hearing music internally is such a crazy concept to me but while I’m fingering on my pencil I can literally close my eyes, count rests, and ‘be’ in Orchestra rehearsal. It’s amazing what what our neurons can do…


P.S. Shout out to my Flute Friend Allison! I missed you in WS today… How dare he demote you all to the second row! 😉


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