Happy National Food Day!



A couple weeks ago (or more? The time flys!) we celebrated World Food Day and now we’re bringing it home for a national celebration. You know me – I’m always up to eat.

For breakfast today I had a hot cup of Tazo Passion Tea. YUM. For lunch I made a breakfast bagel (ironic, huh?) that had pepperjack cheese, turkey, bacon, and an egg on top that oozed yolk in every bite. Followed by raspberries and strawberries, of course. YUM. And finally I made chicken fajitas on rice. MEH.

I suppose I’ve learned a few things this year cooking for myself. Here are my top three realizations:

1. Groceries are expensive. What the heck!? Anyone who says vegetables are dirt cheap has not had to buy $1.50 bell peppers… I think dirt is a little cheaper than that.

2. It’s better to starve for a few more minutes than to put food onto the plate uncooked. So far I’ve had half-cooked potatoes, crunchy rice, and chewy pasta.

3. On the other hand, letting it cook forever isn’t a real option. Like tonight’s fajita adventure ended up being way overcooked… When I say overcooked, I mean overcooked. No sauce, no liquid actually – that all cooked out. However, I did manage to time the rice correctly! I guess 50/50 isn’t too bad.

Eventually I’ll learn. Eric and I are going to have a lot of mediocre meals if my learning curve stays this slow, though.



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  1. Julie Buchert

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

    Julie Buchert

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