Happy National TV Talk Show Host Day!


Today is one of those days where the end of it creeps up sooner than I had planned… Today was busy with classes straight until 4, a slight break for homework and dinner, and then a pep band commitment that grew from a 1 hour commitment to a 4 hour job. That’s just a little bit of a difference, but our hard work totally paid off and I feel like for once we’ve sort of got our footing with the whole deal – for now. I so appreciate those guys who were around to help. As much as they think they would just be flying paper airplanes without me they sure got a heck of a lot done. Thank you!

Back on the business of holidays – if you haven’t seen this video that’s basically gone viral watch this inspirational interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show! I’m not an avid fan, although I have gone through serious phases, but I do really appreciate the humor and that the jabs remove the levels of authority and custom that can so often blind us to the real issues.




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