Happy National Sweetest Day!



Today has been the sweetest day! Here’s a run-down.

First off, I got to give oboe lessons to two of the sweetest girls and I love getting to share this amazing instrument with them because I know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my teachers pushing me along the way. It was a really rewarding way to start my morning.

Next up was the church cider press! We arrived too late for lunch but there were so many pies, cookies, and caramel apples that we definitely ate our fill. Plus now we have hand pressed apple cider in our fridge that definitely puts me in the fall mood!

Then came the exciting couple task of beginning to register for wedding gifts. It’s seriously so much fun to walk around Target with a scanner and plan what our first place is going to look like and what color hand towels we would like. Granted, I thought this experience was more fun than Eric did but it was still so great to experience it together! Only 30 items on the list so far but it was a really fun start. He really is so sweet to me and even if he got a little annoyed with my, “Do you like this?” “What about this?” “In this color, or this color?” he always had a smile and he keeps the hype up for our future – we’re so excited!

And finally tonight we went to a church volunteer dinner that was not only delicious, but also very thoughtful. Technically I was a ‘plus one’ because I’m in Portland more than I am in Albany nowadays but whenever I see my church family I’m so thankful that I have them in my life and it reminds me how much I miss Grace Point when I’m out of town.

This entire weekend has been, and will be, sweet because it’s one of the few that we get to spend entirely together with no work schedules to get in the way. Technically there are lessons, church, and a concert I’m playing in tomorrow but compared to the usual schedule we deal with this is heaven!



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