Happy National Mulligan Day!


I think it’s important, and necessary, to give everyone a mulligan every once in a while. There are those days when you just really need another try and today was one of those days across the nation. Today I focused on giving everyone, including myself, one do-over because the first mistake really just wasn’t worth counting. However, don’t think I’m an angel just yet… you only get one mulligan. What’s the point of playing golf (from which the term originates, I learned) if you get an extra, free shot after every poor one throughout the whole game? After your one freebie it’s time to get your act together! So yes, most people I encountered today made one or less ridiculous statements that we both discounted and moved on from. However, there was one person that I just could not mulligan that many times. When you’re bad at golf either you don’t play or you get better. No one wants to play with you when the game means nothing and you re-write your own score!



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