Happy National Coming Out Day!


First off, I must say that today of all days I have failed you. Everyone across the nation is celebrating together with those brave enough to come out and I’m going to gloss over it like the sorry blogger I am. Happy national holiday to you all and although I didn’t come out personally, I support your journey.

Secondly, it’s World Egg Day. Guess who made fajitas for lunch (which, by the way, I’m very proud of) and had ice cream for dinner (which I am also proud of.) Are there eggs in ice cream? If not, I have officially failed the entire purpose of this year.

Thirdly, although this was a terrible day for celebration it was a wonderful day with friends. What started as a cancelled movie screening ended as a wonderful evening talking and getting to know my friends even better. Shoutout to Nick and Lindsey who insist they don’t receive enough. Here, Nick and Lindsey have another; I can do that!

Happy holidays, even when I’m not a good example!



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