Happy National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day!



Today I was amazingly celebratory (without knowing it) and managed to enjoy three different holidays! Now, if I wasn’t running late this morning I could have actually prepared for them but the after-the-fact life savers make me feel even better because this blog literally proves that you can celebrate every day – most often without even trying, or knowing! 

1. National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day: Now, like I said, I didn’t prepare. That means I didn’t walk around campus clutching a stuffed animal; granted, I probably would have stuffed him into my bag if I had known. However, he’s at work with me right now while I slave away with homework after a looong day. Shout out to Eric for Mr. Snuggles who was a thoughtful surprise once upon a time for no particular reason. Love him, and you!

2. National Walk to School Day: I definitely didn’t have a choice in the matter and if I could have teleported I would have, but alas, I have no such device. Anyone who has walked anywhere with me has probably heard me gripe about walking. It makes my feet hurt, my legs are too long to keep in stride with anyone else, I’m too out of shape to walk and talk at the same time, and 97% of the time I have to walk in the rain. However, living a 7 minute walk away from the music building is a nice perk.

3. World Post Day: What is this? A blog post! Wow, that one was easy. Good thing I didn’t forget today!



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