Happy National Lace Day!



Okay, so I dropped the ball on this one and opted for the usual printed top/sweater/scarf combo but look how pretty and lacey this top is! I have a few hard feelings with this one because of the incident last fall when I sunburned the lace pattern onto my skin for weeks… However, I think enough time has past that I could wear it again without reliving too much of the trauma.

Tonight on Jeopardy I answered a question right because it related to a National Holiday! I know we didn’t celebrate it on September 22nd because I wasn’t too into it, but I did know that there is National Hobbit’s Day and I scored a big $1200 for it! One serious plus about the roommate situation is Lindsey insisting on nightly Jeopardy in the living room. I’m always down but most often forget. It’s always fun to test my wits and you know I am always down for a game show.



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