Happy National Ask A Stupid Question Day!


Go ahead, ask me… I know, you’re dying to: “did you sleep well last night?” … NO! Why would you ask me such a stupid question? Obviously I’m a person who doesn’t like new things, new places, unknown circumstances, or unforged paths so of course last night was full of tossing and turning. I wasn’t able to enroll in 8 of my credits until today after I could track down my professors for overrides, I’m currently battling the system to figure out my piano proficiency nonsense, and I have auditions looming this week with little to no supporting information. When I finally got myself to close my eyes all I could do was mentally map out my week, what buildings my classes were in (mostly the music building, obviously), and attempt to memorize my schedule. Then, as if being half-asleep wasn’t bad enough, my dreams were nightmares! First off I missed my entire day of classes by searching through a Costco for who-knows-what and was about 3 hours behind everything I tried to do and then when I finally made it to class I was talking in French but no one could understand me. After that were the dreaded ‘am I awake or sleeping?’ scenarios when I would turn off my alarm clock and go back to sleep. Then I just didn’t sleep. I woke up every 10 minutes after 6:30 scared to death that I had somehow had an alarm malfunction. Ugh. Come on, self! I can trust the alarm that has been waking me up every day without fail for about 2.5 years now, right? Well, don’t worry – it worked and I was up right on time, if not early.

I made it to all of my classes, resolved scheduling technicalities, and got started on my online classwork. Today was actually incredibly productive and not terribly stressful once I got myself going! Tomorrow will definitely be lighter with a huge emphasis on practice.  I wish everyone luck for the start of the term and a special shoutout to my faraway boo – I hope Poetry kicks your butt tomorrow!


P.S. Yes, you have a rain-check for promised stories about move in. Perhaps I’ll just stop mentioning them and you’ll all forget… (… That’s me backing away sneakily into a dark corner, so mysteriously that you have no choice but to not question what I’m saying…)


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