Happy International Coffee Day!



Does something look a little different? A change of scenery, perhaps? If you follow along every day you might notice that the green couch and tan wall have officially been replaced by white walls and industrial concrete. Charming, huh? Welcome to my tiny Portland apartment!

So, I started writing this at… Oh, 12 PM this afternoon and then got wildly side tracked with things that actually were much more important. However, that left this project on the side of the tracks, if you will. Here I am, again, vowing to put off great and important tales and loads of photos to accompany. I promise, for now, that tomorrow will be a long post full of wild adventures! For now, it’s time to cuddle up and go to sleep and get ready for the term to start. Hopefully there won’t be any disastrous sleep walking ventures tonight, I know I’m just a wee bit stressed out.


P.S. Shoutout to Nick for finally managing to be the Settler of Cataan! I knew you’d catch on one day and actually kick all our butts!


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