Happy World Tourism Day!



Today was the big day – summer is officially over. The weather has been hinting at this fact for quite a while and I suppose that by seasonal terms we’re well into fall, but in terms of how my life is running, it’s over. It was a little sad to go back to Portland today because that means leaving Eric, and my family, and church and having to commit to be super busy all the time and juggle a thousand things at once. Most of the time I love juggling but looking at everything that’s looming ahead, I’m a little wary getting into things.

IMG_4410I’ve always been so organized, prepared, and have always worked super hard to know every little detail of what’s coming up before it happens so I’m not surprised but this year is different some how. For example, last year I made list upon list upon list of everything I was taking in the move organized by date packed and box and where it was being put and I knew exactly how everything was going to fit in my room. This year, however I didn’t pack my room until yesterday, assumed that everything was still going to be in its box from June, and forgot to read the print that the bed is a full size now and my twin sheets from last year won’t fit! Somehow I just feel like all of this has snuck up on me and as much as I tell myself I’m ready to start over again, go back to the big bad city, and fight my way through my rigorous schedule I don’t think I really am. I think that I’m going to have to just throw myself at it and hope for the best, because really, with 2 days to go there isn’t another option.

So, World Tourism day. What did I see in PDX? Not much, to be honest. I saw the rush hour traffic that I was too naive to avoid, I saw an $80 parking ticket (whoops…), I saw, and ate, Hot Lips pizza, I saw lots of people just like me carting their lives around from one place to the next, in the rain, and I saw that Portland will take some more getting used to, if I ever will. I didn’t exactly have time to explore today or revisit the gems of the urban community. It actually just made me a little sad.

Never fear, however, because I’m back in Albany for the night. Round 2 happens tomorrow when we’ll bring up the last couple of boxes, I’ll get some much need mom time, and then I really will be stranded up there, with no car or anything! On a very related note, here’s my first blog plug and I’m thrilled to do it:

Zalyn.com is an awesome site that helps you find coupons for rental cars, compare deals for the best price, and learn a bit about the ins and outs of transportation rental through their blog! I think everyone should know by now how much I love coupons and will do just about anything to save a buck or two so this site is super handy! I think that the next time I’m stranded in Portland and want to get across town to do something where the MAX doesn’t go I’ll check this out. If nothing else, it’s a great tool to compare options and see what’s possible. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m glad they opted for some publicity through me because I’m definitely bookmarking it for future reference! Check it out: Zalyn.com!




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