Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day!



Alright, you got me… The ice cream cone is not in the equation, however the more apt ice-cream-to-mouth device is in play. I’m just not so into the cone trend, and I’m a little bummed that it has stuck around as long as it has. I do appreciate that you can literally eat every bit of proof for the guilty snack and that you only need one hand to both simultaneously eat and hold your food. I don’t, on the other hand, appreciate the drippiness, the inability to set it down unless you have a cone holder handy, and when the optional cone wrapper paper gets wet and stuck so you’re forced to eat paper bits. Let’s be frank: I love ice cream. And I have eaten my share of this beautiful food, in many mediums – bowl, bowl with cone, cone, waffle cone, chocolate dipped waffle cone, waffle bowl, sunday, milkshake, pint, two pint, and the occasional gallon – and I know my ice cream. Let’s nix the cone today and use a shovel instead (and by shovel, I mean spoon, although the name “spoon” doesn’t exactly describe it’s intended duties fully). It doesn’t really matter how you eat it, just that it gets eaten! As I say, all the time, and have now been absolutely proven correct, every day is National Ice Cream (cone) Day!



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