Happy National Clean Up The World Weekend!


First of all, I’m kissing my dinosaur phone right now because this photo is gorgeous! Who knew that half a megapixel out of a car window could capture such a perfect scene!? Even that slight rainbow on the horizon… Mwah! And God said it was good.

Secondly, this is an important cause but I honestly don’t think that we’ll make much of any difference in just one weekend. It’s a big world out there with a lot of trash and inconsiderate inhabitants and the problems seem to outweigh the progress. However, we shouldn’t get discouraged! Everyone needs to be encouraged. There are so many simple things that we can do: driving less, not litter, recycle, un-plug… Tonight, I’m going to let the rain wash away the grime and muck and clean up the world, naturally. The rest of the weekend, however, I will make an honest effort to do some good for the planet and to do my share. Everyone celebrate with me!



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