Happy National Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Snapshot_20130919_2The pirate speaks, “Ahoy!!”

Today be a fantastic and special day ’cause I acterlly know t’ pirates who be insprin’ and creatin’ t’ holiday! Not e’en I knew it that t’ pirate o’ Albany could carry a anchor o’ insprin’ so heavy to pull t’ nation with. Actually, we be findin’ that them pirate folk sailed abroad t’ an island t’ live t’ pirate life practically half a anchor’s height gone past. I ain’t not heard but a pirate’s parrot squawk since. Pirates usen’t t’ fancy gadget gizmos less’n it been in t’ loot!

Today we be talkin’ like t’ pirates because it be a good day to be doin’ it! Don’t be a scallywag or a scurvy dog er ye’ll be walkin’ t’ plank! Be talkin’, not lootin’!


P.S. Oh my gosh that was so difficult to write! As soon as my brain makes the effort to not speak ‘English’ I immediately am in French mode. So then I’m fighting two languages! And then of course the only other logical writing style is good ol’ southern twang… Dear Lord, there is a reason I’m not a pirate!

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