Happy National Kreme Filled Donut Day!



This morning we stopped off at Cork’s Old Fashioned Donuts to celebrate but we should have figured that by noon on a Saturday they would be out of everything. When we were younger we would always get donuts on our way to church and the bismark was always my donut of choice. So off we went to Fred Meyer’s bakery for a last minute solution.

All the donuts were mixed up and labeled wrong so it really was anyone’s guess what we were getting. I accidentally touched my first donut so like a good human being I put it in the bag even though it wasn’t anything I really wanted. The second donut was the insurance policy because I figured one of the two would have creme and I really couldn’t tell without a bite to the inside. Well, I was correct one did have creme, but it sure wasn’t good. You know when creme is so close to being curdled but it’s still good? Basically, it was just barely past that line to the gross side. Not exactly the best start to the day but there’s plenty of options to make up for it.

Will not creme again.



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