Happy National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day!



In honor of the holiday I personally rode shotgun to pick up a pizza because cooking on a Friday is completely overrated! After a killer, long week there’s nothing worse than having to answer, “what’s for dinner” so we took care of that right away! Off to Papa Murphey’s we went. I also took the liberty of turning on the oven, because today’s my day. It was tough work, but we got the pizza cooked!

IMG_4249On the other hand, it’s time to get some new glasses! This sweet look isn’t mine yet, exactly (curse you insurance hours!) I’m super excited though because I might actually be willing to give my poor eyes a break from contacts if I have gorgeous frames! I’m super excited for Monday to roll around so I can throw these bad boys on and look studious! Don’t you just love them too!?



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