Happy National Libraries Remember Day!


It’s terribly taboo to  not return your books, or worse to destroy them. Let’s remember some of the worst library users over the years…

Noah returned his books slightly soggy but mostly smelly. What animal slept on this!?

Joan of Ark couldn’t return her books, she was a little tied up. And when we finally recovered them they were a little singed.

Paul Revere ran through the library doors shouting, “The British are coming!” … Dropping off your English book does not require an introduction.

The Donner party’s books were all chewed up and weren’t returned until spring!

Nixon lost all of his books but he wouldn’t admit it. When they questioned him about the obvious blunder he just kept muttering, “I am not a crook..”

Atilla the Hun’s army was moving so fast across China that he’d drop them off wherever he conquered. Not every library is the same, hun!



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