Happy National Wonderful Weirdos Day!



I had the most wonderful time meeting with these wonderful weirdos and discussing everything that’s new and exciting in our lives! Since high school ended and we (mostly I) parted ways for the great college adventure we’ve settled for get-togethers every so often to fill up on the season’s news before we go off again and just check in on each other on Facebook. It’s not even that we’re so far apart or can’t contact one another, we just simply get preoccupied with other people and activities and are happy to know that we’ll be there just the way we were when we meet up again. Cassie’s my oboe buddy and Emily’s my whale and I’m so excited to not only be in Cassie’s wedding next spring but to also have these wonderful weirdos by my side on my big day as well. I love them dearly, hug your weird friends!



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