Happy National Lazy Mom’s Day!



My mums definitely deserved some time to lounge after a long Friday with the first week of school! And obviously the dog always needs a breather because sleeping all day is a lot to deal with. : )

Because this is not a maternity announcement I kept myself busy all day after work. I know it’s  not a craft blog but I have to share with you all my fun projects!

First up, it’s a knotted wire bracelet! Super easy, with some patience – wire, wire cutters, strong hands.








Next is a a bracelet to pair! Same easy concept but forming the letters was a little more difficult. I wish I could fix that kink in the O but I suppose it looks a little more handmade.








Finally, it’s a handmade stamp! All it took was 2 rubber erasers, superglue, an exacto knife, tweezers, and an ink pad. Not bad for a first real try and I’m proud of it! I’ll use this on wedding stuff for a DIY addition. ❤

Mothers definitely need a lazy break but un-hindered ladies in their late teens need craft time!! Happy holidays!







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