Happy National Neither Rhyme Nor Reason Day!


Today did have a little bit of rhyme and reason (who am I to go off the deep end) but I did go as crazy as I could allow myself. It’s been more than 15 years of tradition to visit the state fair on the Sunday before Labor Day with our dear friends Gary and Genoa. There have been lots of fun memories over the years: being carried on Gary’s shoulders when my flipflops disintegrated, riding the giant Slingshot ride, all of us huddled around a giant curly fry brick, and this year riding the Buena Vista ferry on the way home for fun. It’s always a good time when we go to the fair and this time I tried to spunk it up a little bit. Good thing these fun face-fill-in-props were everywhere! I hope that everyone goes just a little batty and acted with neither rhyme nor reason!



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