Happy National Franchise Appreciation Day!




Today’s holiday was celebrated in gusto earlier, I assure you, but this post is an in the dark, laying in bed, phone app, short and sweet cop-out. Today has been pretty busy with sleeping, Lifetime movies, sale shopping, cleaning, and skyping to book our wedding photographer! (<-can you find the one that doesn't belong?) I assure you this blog will not turn into a wedding crazed vent session but let's all admit that's a pretty big, fun thing to check off the to-do list!

Alright, back to holiday news – as you can tell from the pictures, Eric and I chose to appreciate one of our favorite franchises for a drive through dinner tonight. For all of you farmers market, co-op, farm to table, and local business enthusiasts, today is not your day. It's time to celebrate some good all American capitalism and standardization so we celebrated with tacos!



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