Happy National Dog Day!



Technically the Dog Days are not over until Midnight so we still have plenty of time to celebrate! Tonight I cozied up with my pup and tried to make her take some sweet photos with me… Not exactly as successful as intended. The first one my mom and I tried bribing her with popcorn and talking in baby voices. The popcorn she appreciated, the baby voices had no effect – I’ll make a note of that. And then the second featured photo I would title “Get off of me, now!” Normally she’s all for kisses, but you know, she’s camera shy!

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my doggy, here are some fun facts to get to know her from afar: Her name is Maggie. She’s 6 years old. My dad got her on the day of my 8th grade Solo & Ensemble Contest. She’s a Jack Russel Terrier. She is the cutest. She runs… and I mean runs in circles at hyperspeed and just bounces off of anything that gets in her way. I’ve actually seen her run parallel to the ground across the back of a couch. She’s allergic to chicken. And no, you cannot have her.

Cuddle up to your dogs and enjoy their day! Let them eat kibble!



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