Happy National Valentino Day!


We’re kicking it old, old, old school today with a movie from the early 1920’s to celebrate our actor of the day – Rudolph Valentino. Good old Rudy was one of the most famous actors during the silent movie era and he’s the star of many films such as: The Son of the Sheik, The Eagle, Cobra, The Big Little Person, A Married Virgin, and My Official Wife. I have no way of knowing (that I want to pursue) which of the films on his filmography are really noteworthy or worth listing so I just chose the ones with some of the best names. If you don’t know any of these titles either you’re not well-versed in silent film or I chose the wrong titles to feature.

Enjoy a good silent film with the great Mr. Valentino and relive the times we didn’t get to experience firsthand. (I hear he has the reputation of being a great lover!) Happy holidays!



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