Happy National Cupcake Day!



Sure, it’s cupcake day but I decided to make it carcake instead! See that cute little car? It’s cute! Way cuter than cupcake, plus I was out of cupcake liners so this was a little easier. You know, it’s almost a bit of a second job doing this darn thing because sometimes you have to do real things, like bake cake. It’s more good than bad, though. I promise. I always get lots of cooking questions whenever I do a Carrie’s Citchen segment (not true) and the most common inquiry is what to do with the leftover cake batter that won’t quite fit in the pan (not true). Well today I’ll give you all the answer: obviously that is meant to be eaten (true). There’s no reason to be scared of eggs, it’s fine to get a little bit on your face as you lick your way around the mixing tool, and yes the baker has first dibs at the leftovers.

IMG_3929Next, here’s another photo of me with my mouth open holding food! My mom and I picked 15 pounds of blackberries out on the farm by the river. Lovely talking with her, good view, not too many stickers, and lots of berries in the freezer for jam! Happy holidays!



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