Happy National Thrift Shop Day!



Today is pretty exciting for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s National Thrift Shop day! I have to admit, I’m more into couponing at legitimate stores than rewearing other people’s clothing, although it’s not something I’m against. I mostly just enjoy the super high of reading a receipt and seeing the vast difference between selling price and my price! When you get a thrift store find sure you can be excited about the low ticket price but it’s not quite as much as fun with nothing to compare it to.

Second order of excitement – the power is out! Today’s format will be weird because I have to do it on my phone using the mobile app. No power means no wifi for Lappy. Boo. That also means this post will probably be shorter than usual because it takes me twice as long to type with only my thumbs! Just siting with some candles, eating my ice cream before it melts… Thanks a lot to the fried bird, my evening is stellar!

Thirdly, and most importantly, no matter how stellar my evening is my day was even better. *drumroll….* I’m engaged! Eric and I have been talking about the possibility for who knows how long and we went to buy an engagement ring on Memorial Day this year. It’s been a long time coming for us but today he actually completely caught me off guard! It was the first full day we’ve had together this whole summer and we were going up to OMSI in Portland for a fun little adventure. We stopped by his house before we hit the road and when he came back out he said, “we’re going to have a lot of fun today, and I want to do it with my fiancé.” And then I started crying and freaking out, of course. When we got back in the car and were calming back down to reality I asked him what else he said when he to proposed because I honestly was so in shock that I wasn’t exactly paying attention! It sounds silly but I was so caught in the moment and overwhelmed that it was like a blur. A wonderful blur. So now I have a beautiful ring on my finger and I’m officially going to marry my best friend and high school sweet heart. Our simple proposal was just perfect. I thought I wanted flowers and someone to capture the moment in a beautiful place but at the end of the day it all comes down to a simple question and answer. He asked, I said yes, and it’s official – we’re engaged!



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