Happy National Navajo Code Talkers Day!



Have a Netflix account? Instant streaming is going to save your holiday, unless of course you own this weird movie for some odd reason. I do believe that I watched this flick my freshman year of high school for an extra credit project in Global Studies and I haven’t thought about it much since then but as soon as I read today’s holiday this immediately jumped to mind! Now, it has been a while since I’ve seen this so my review is a little confused. Part of me remembers that this was actually a really good movie, even with Nicholas Cage in it, and I really enjoyed watching it. The other part of my memory brings back a really terribly fake, staged scene that proves Mr. Cage’s acting prowess… Take those two reviews as they are, I honestly cannot remember for sure which is more correct.

I suppose the only way to figure this out is to hit play and watch it again while my laundry runs its cycle. Thanks Navajo Code Talkers for all your hard work supporting your country and happy holidays to all!



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