Happy International Left Hander’s Day!



Finally!! Finally the day to celebrate all of us rejected, taunted, irregular left-handers! Writing with a pencil is terrible because after any period of time you look like you’ve karate-chopped a coal miner and your page is a disaster to boot.

If you’re looking at my sign and reading this and not quite seeing all the stars align, you’re attentive! I’m a thoroughly right handed dominant person! Every bit of me is dominant on the right side, my hands, my eyes, and probably even my feet because my left one turns in a little bit. Yeah… I’m actually pretty darn impressed with this effort right here, although those stars are dreadful! Not my worst left-handed attempt but obviously sub-par. Congrats to you ambidextrous folks who can half-celebrate this holiday, and of course a full congrats to you left-handers who actually have to suffer every day while the rest of us live in a right handed world.

I’ve always wondered, if everyone was right handed would we all automatically have an ‘in’ door and an ‘out’ door (for a set of 2)? I mean, if we all naturally open the door with our dominant hand and pull away from ourselves we would always go in and out our respective ports! There would never be any awkward waiting while some darned left-handed fellow walks into you and you have to wait! I vote that we restart the campaign to de-left-hand-ize the world and create the superior right-handed race! Together, we can easily manage through doorways!


P.S. Major apologies for the no-post yesterday! In case anyone wants to celebrate after-the-fact yesterday was National Sewing Machine Day and I promise I planned out my post and thought of it all day but it somehow got away from me… It was about 10:30 PM and I sat up in bed and said, literally out loud, “Oh no! I didn’t do my blog today!” And then thought, I’ll just apologize tomorrow… not worth it. Don’t worry, you all are worth it but I’m lazy past about 7 PM. : )


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3 responses to “Happy International Left Hander’s Day!

  1. As one of those aforementioned ambidextrous sorts, I’ll half-celebrate to the best of my abilities while attempting to maintain peace between the dominant right-handed class and the trodden upon lefties.

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