Happy National Ingersoll Day!



Thanks Mr. Ingersoll for all your hard work, you’re a peach! He was an orator, living 1833-1899, who spoke for women’s rights and minority equality and someone along the line thought he was important enough to dedicate an entire day to! Here is an homage to Ingersoll with some of his best (and worst, for fun) quotes. It truly was a treat to read through some of his saved words, although quite a bit of it is challenging skepticism for the church and religion or bizarre statements, because he really had some great things to say!


“The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellow-men.”

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.”

“In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments—there are consequences.”

“If nobody has too much, everybody will have enough.”

“It is a splendid thing to think that the woman you really love will never grow old to you. Through the wrinkles of time, through the mask of years, if you really love her, you will always see the face you love and won. And a woman who really loves a man does not see that he grows old; he is not decrepit to her; she always sees the same gallant gentleman who won her hand and heart.”


“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.”

“With their backs to the sunrise they worship the night.”

“With soap, baptism is a good thing.”

“If I had my way, I’d make health catching instead of disease.”

“In the presence of eternity, the mountains are as transient as the clouds.”

“Waktu untuk berbahagia itu sekarang,
Tempat untuk berbahagia itu di sini,
Cara untuk berbahagia ialah dengan membuat orang lain berbahagia.”


P.S. That last one is actually pretty good: “The time to be happy is now, The place to be happy here, The way to be happy is to make others happy.” in the Malay language. It was just a little astonishing to see that pop up in the line of quotes. : )


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