Happy National Garage Sale Day!



I’m very particular about garage sale signs because I feel like it’s a simple thing to capitalize on for success. Every time I’m out and about I’ll interrupt my conversation with my copilot to say “good sign!” or “come on, buddy!” whenever I see someone trying to direct traffic towards their yard sale. Let’s be real for a second: how difficult is it to draw an arrow that looks like an arrow, spell ‘garage’ correctly, and write with a marker larger than a ballpoint pen!?

Snapshot_20130810_70Today I spent about an hour and a half driving around town following signs and an online site looking for some stellar finds. After visiting about 20, according to the sharpie tally on my hand, I came away with nothing! Zilch! Nada! Rien! Are you kidding me? A couple weeks ago, on the not-national holiday my mom and I scored big on some cool finds (most notably a $5 chair that she reupholstered!) However, I can’t say it was a total loss… I followed signs to my great-aunt’s garage sale and got to catch up with her for a moment, celebrated a holiday, and had some time to myself listening to a great NPR article for This American Life.

Snapshot_20130810_81Plus, my disappointment has been reversed by a great icecream bar. Remember, it’s always National Ice Cream Day on this blog!


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