Happy National Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!



So I decided to do something drastic today and although you think this photo has nothing to do with today’s holiday I assure you it does! I made my hair appointment last week and knew I needed a trim but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something totally different…

I, like every other child around 1997, had the usual blunt bangs, short hair combo that was the bridge from baby to toddler. You can imagine my hesitance to revert to looking like a small child again but I also needed something different for fun. And so the particularly preposterous packaging began… I had to package my ideas in a way that would allow myself to convince myself!

I convinced myself that I should look like a celebrity, that makes sense right? I contemplated Sandra Bullock’s shoulder length sleek or Jennifer Aniston’s windswept famous tresses. Then I realized: I’m not turning toddler, I’m turning TSwift. Yes! That’s what I’m doing!! My good friend Taylor can pull it off, although I don’t have the red pout to pair, so I can too!



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