Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!


Costco let me down a little bit when I found out that they don’t carry their 75 lb bag of chocolate chips anymore that could last a baker for a year! This rinky-dink average size of chips just doesn’t quite have the same impressive effect. Boo Kirkeland! If you can continue to carry a 4 1/2 foot teddy bear how dare you discontinue the prize winner of all chocolate chip containers! Anyway, my point is – chocolate is awesome and one of my favorite things is eating these little buggers out of the bag while we make sweets, even though my mums doesn’t approve of the method. : )

On another completely unrelated note, I hereby dedicate today National Legally Steal From Stores Day! My mom and I made the trek over to the coast today to visit the Lincoln City Outlet Mall and have some bonding time while we both had a free day. We first had a terrible time driving up and down the main road looking for a place to eat – Mo’s was overflowing, one was catering a wedding, one was $25/plate, and one was sketchy so we ended up at the casino buffet. As a non-smoker the blue haze in the place gave me a terrible headache and the food was the usual, meh buffet food but we were just short of visiting McDonald’s so the full belly was appreciated.

When we finally got to the stores, much later than expected, we had a killer time! Between special discounts from the Retail Me Not iPhone app, collected coupons, spending rewards, and clearance outlet prices we sure got a bang for our buck! We left the place with over $1100 worth of clothing and we spent $400. We got about 75% for everything all together!  Some things were a little bit of a splurge for us coupon girls but they were equaled with crazy bargains. I think the very best one was a $50 sweater for the boyfriend that we walked out with for $1. There’s something so rewarding about reading the receipt at the end, adding up what could have been, and seeing the crazy difference of what we actually took out of our wallet. Sure, $400 is still quite a chunk of change to spend, but clothing 5 people with about 35 items and a pair of shoes is so worth it! Now we just need to finish our coupon adventure up in Salem this week at Victoria’s Secret to claim all my freebie items and coupon combinations! To all you other thrifty shoppers out there, don’t you understand my thrill? The very, very, very best part of it all is that we didn’t even buy ugly clothes! Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, Reebok sneakers, American Eagle tops, Aeropostale all-of-the-above, and sweaters from the Loft were great finds for everyone! My closet is so happy!



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