Happy National Tree Climbing Day!



The first thing I think of for tree climbing is that scene in the Sound of Music where the kids are hanging off the trees on the road like monkeys. Although I’ve never been particularly frightened of heights I am a little worried by climbing. Once I’m at the top it’s totally fine but getting up and down adds a little momentum to the idea of falling. It also doesn’t help that I’m a weakling and if I do fall it will surely be at the fault of my muscle strength, not a broken branch. This backyard tree was an easy up and down thanks to the benches below the photo line. I can’t say that I climbed my way to the top or swung around the branches like a jungle gym… Rather it was a pose for the picture and back into the house we go. I face my ‘fears’ but I don’t play around with them. ; )

After my tree climbing adventure we went off to my cousin’s lovely wedding! The scenery was beautiful, the ceremony was charming, the food was yummy, and the party was fun! I’m super into weddings and I’m always ready to check yes on an RSVP card for planning inspiration and sharing a fun time so if any readers are having one send an invite my way! If Albany had more events I would definitely work on my wedding crasher skills. Best wishes and congrats to Alicia and Cameren – welcome to the family cousin!


P.S. Thanks for coming back after yesterday’s absence! (Don’t worry, I’m back now with no other plans for the summer. : /) No cell service in sight and the church camp-out wasn’t exactly the hot spot to find a beer yesterday. Any complaints can be sent directly to AT&T. : )


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