Happy National Unusual Instruments Awareness Day!


I would have demo-ed the heckelphone for you if I had one in my possession, but alas it’s an unusual instrument. I’ve played most of my woodwind family (at least for fun): the oboe, the english horn, the oboe d’amore, and the bassoon. I still need to experiment with the heckelphone, the bass oboe, and the contrabassoon. I’ll get there some day!

In case you don’t know this instrument is *gasp* I’ll inform you with a couple quick facts:

The pitch is between that of an oboe and a bassoon (if you’re not familiar with those instruments you’ll need to do some individual investigating) and it’s named after its German inventor W. Heckel. The first heckelphone was used in a Strauss piece in 1905 but their use hasn’t continued on with fame. With only about 150 or 200 produced and close to 100 are said to be out of working order. Rare indeed.

You can imagine my disappointment when I realized my heckelphone dream might be a little unreasonable… I suppose I’ll just focus on getting my Lorée Oboe for now. ; )




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