Happy National Paperback Books Day!


I know my picture suffers slightly from shaking-hand syndrome so I’m not sure all of the titles are quite clear enough to read, but this is my ‘fun’ shelf in my bookcase. As we discovered with an earlier holiday I’m not as much into reading as I was when I was younger, mostly due to an increased amount of busyness, but I have been able to read a little bit more over the summer at work during breaks! I’m always on the lookout for cheap French novels, anyone in possession of them can hand them over, because Albany doesn’t have a huge bilingual fanbase and I absolutely refuse to go into Powell’s when I’m in Portland. Next to my French Livres de Poche I have a translating dictionary, a French cookbook that Eric gave to me for my birthday, some teen romance novels (obviously I can’t throw those to Goodwill yet), and a bible. All paperback, all good, all worth a read.




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2 responses to “Happy National Paperback Books Day!

  1. Jacqueline

    Your timing couldn’t be better… J’en ai pour toi! Quand seras-tu à Albany de nouveau? Ou je pourrais te les envoyer. Dis-moi!

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