Happy National Lipstick Day!



First, I would like to apologize about the vanity shot today. Second I would like to recognize the fact that lipstick is awesome! Boys, you’re missing out!

I’m not a big makeup collector and although one of my best friends works as a fancy makeup saleswoman at Nordstroms I’m still a CoverGirl kind of girl. You can’t beat the coupon opportunities, sales prices, and big box store availability. I also don’t spend too much time covering my natural self so I very rarely do add some color to my lips, with the exception of a swipe of lip stain. When applied correctly, I think lipstick can do wonders for a person’s face, simply because it accentuates an already important feature. However, I have seen many many a woman with lipstick smeared half-way up her cheek, higher on one half than the other. … It’s these horrible experiences when I wonder to myself if I should quietly pull them aside and hand them a mirror or walk away (of course I choose to walk away) that make me slightly wary to try the trend on a daily basis. However, the success with this holiday today might have swayed me in favor! Dang, my lips look gooood.

It’s also National Rain Day … Pause for effect. … In the end of July … Are you kidding me? It’s raining 93% of the year in Oregon and the nation chooses today to dedicate to crying clouds? Alright. Alright. Thank goodness the sunshine steamrolled that idea (note the beams bouncing violently off my blindingly white skin through the window)! Well, we’ll just close our eyes and pretend we hear rain drops. : )


P.S. If you like this color and want to wear it yourself you can find it in the unmarked, “cosmetics” aisle at the Dollar Tree, 3 years ago!



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4 responses to “Happy National Lipstick Day!

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  2. steetlaces

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  3. Great color, you wear it well. I’m a guy, and I confess that I’ve worn lipstick a few times. Didn’t do much for me, and it’s been many years. I doubt I’ll do it again unless its Halloween.

    • Oh fhew, you had me worried there for a second! Halloween is an exception to any rule… But then again it is just a holiday and every day is a holiday! Are there thus any rules? I might have just redefined society!

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