Happy National Merry-Go-Round Day!



To celebrate today’s holiday I tracked down the one remaining playground death machine in Albany! I suppose that I understand the perils of the spinning fun ride but I also think that kids nowadays are seriously missing out! On the one hand it’s awesome that we care about the safety of our children, but on the other hand – kids should be kids. I think that kids should have the freedom to spin each other around so fast that your short legs simply can’t fun fast enough and you’re forced to hop on or fall by the wayside.

IMG_3708I’m not sure how this merry-go-round survived the safety overhaul in town, but the entire playground looks rather dated. Note the sweet picture of the old, spiral slide! If you’re interested in reliving your childhood today and you’re in the area, head over to the neighborhood park on Columbus St. out by the Mennonite Village! Keep on spinning!



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