Happy National Old Joke Day!


Before you take the time to read this lovely smattering of words go ahead and click play on the video above. If you watch(ed) The Office you’ll recognize our dear friend Michael Scott, and if you aren’t familiar with the show I would like to introduce you to Michael Scott. : )

This holiday could go two different ways: a joke from the renaissance period that is actually old throughout passing time in history, or a joke that’s just finished. I chose the second and we’re going with the jokes that everyone’s heard, everyone’s tired of, and middle schoolers can’t seem to pass on. For example: that’s what she said, orange you glad I didn’t say banana, your mom, why did the chicken cross the road, hit by parked car jokes, Helen Keller jokes, and despicable me voices (although that’s coming back in fashion with the release of the sequel).

If you don’t recognize some of those jokes feel free to Google them, or just be grateful that you missed the fad. And if you don’t know the ‘hit by parked car’ jokes, don’t worry – neither did I! Happy holidays!


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