Happy National Spoonerism Day!



No, today’s holiday doesn’t really have anything to do with spoons but the picture was a fun little twist, I suppose. For those of you who don’t know, or those of you who pretend not to, I love NPR. My car radio is always set between 3 stations: The most popular ‘put your hands in the air, party hard’ teen scene music, the Eugene Classical Music Station, and obviously National Public Radio. And above all, my favorite thing on NPR is the Sunday Puzzle with Puzzle Master Will Shorts! Part of what gets me to church on time in the morning is playing along with them on the drive over so that I can share the ones I can remember with Eric when I get there.

A few weeks ago the puzzle involved spoonerisms and before that radio show I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of the term before. For those of you who didn’t join me for the puzzler, a spoonerism involves words that confuse the first syllables to create different words. For example:  a light rain becomes a right lane.

Here’s a challenge one for you: Name part of a truck in two words. Spoonerize it. You’ll name something FEMA uses.

Have you thought about it?

I’ll give you some more time.

Really think about it.

I’ll give you a hint:

The first word of the first phrase is three letters.

And it starts with M.

Are you ready?

Have you gotten the answer?

Or have you given up?

Either way, here are the answers!

Mud Flap — Flood Map!


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