Happy National Lollipop Day!



It’s too bad we don’t have a candy store in town because DumDums don’t really serve the term ‘lollipop’ justice… I thought briefly about trekking over to the coast to buy a foot-long swirling unicorn lollipop at one of the millions of legitimate candy shops but then I realized that the gas wasn’t quite worth the sugar rush. For anyone who hasn’t ever been in one of those wonderful stores, let me assure you that the air is actually infused with sugar. You can actually taste it just breathing and walking the sidewalk about 4 stores down!

However, like most of my posts thus far through the process the Safeway cop-out will have to suffice. My favorite DumDum flavor is obviously the blue cotton candy flavor but there is something magical about the mystery of the Mystery Flavor – unless your luck is terrible and you get coconut!


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