Happy National Simplicity Day!



On our very first day of this blogging journey we started with National Penny Day and talked about the importance of the little things – I think we need to bring that up again today, but in a slightly different way.

I’ve decided, a long time ago, that I want to do what makes me happy, not what makes me rich. I think that a lot of people, too many people in my opinion, are confused on this issue and ultimately a lot of problems stem from misguided attempts of fulfillment. I know I don’t have many years of wisdom and I haven’t actually mastered my life plans yet, but from a philosophical standpoint I think I have things pretty well figured out.

The simple things in life are the most important and we don’t need to chase our tails around in circles trying to impress others and stuff ourselves full of material things. I don’t need a fancy car with a stereo system, I have my trusty little Honda Accord. I don’t need Prada shoes, I have my Chuck Taylors. I don’t need a fancy meal, I have my good ol’ cheeseburger. Simplicity gives you freedom!






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One response to “Happy National Simplicity Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    Amen! Preach it sister!! I’m your biggest fan; in a simple sort of way.

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