Happy National Slurpee Day!



It’s the eleventh day of the seventh month, the second Thursday of July, it’s 7-11. And we all know what that means… free slurpees!

For whatever reason I’m usually out of the country, camping, or forgetful when this day rolls around every year and I think that I’ve probably only gotten the free slurpees twice. Last year, and this year. Let’s start a tradition? Yes!

There was quite a bit of a line today for a fun, frozen treats and this picture can’t show everyone, but I promise you, it was long. Wrapping around the store we probably waited 7 minutes and 11 seconds so it wasn’t too long but it was a little surprising. Last year we just zipped right in, stole some slush, and left.











Here we are, at the fountain of happiness! Look at the joy swirling around in those colorful portals!

IMG_3653Enjoy your slurpee day! And if you missed it, you can always just pay for one tomorrow!



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One response to “Happy National Slurpee Day!

  1. Julie (mom)

    Yum! Great job.

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