Happy National Don’t Step on a Bee Day!


Today after a normal, long day at work and a lovely little oboe lesson we jetted off to the lake for the evening! It was me, Eric, my parents, and their church small group and although we were definitely the youngsters of the crowd I had a very nice time! I didn’t even get in the water, it was late and getting a little chilly, but just riding on the boat was a fun time. The wind sure got me though, I had quite the time dragging a brush through my hair to tackle those tangles just a moment ago!

Sidestep back to the matter at hand: I’ve been stung by a bee only twice in my life. Once on the wrist for minding my own business and the second time on the ankle for stepping too close to someone’s comfort zone. The second was as close to stepping on a bee as I have gotten, so I consider that one a success. The picture today, ignore the chipping polish, is not quite a step onto a bee, because I celebrated and didn’t step on one. However, I did stub my toe – hard. And I’ve never bruised my toe before so I figure that’s worth noting, right? I didn’t step on a bee, but I did stub my toe. You win some, you lose some.



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