Happy National Savor the Comic Day!

Savor the comic


(If you won’t watch the whole first video, watch one clip in particular at 7:50. I promise it won’t disappoint!)

(The second video is hysterical… and holds one of my favorite moments. Watch it!)

I know my sense of humor is a little unique and not everyone enjoys game shows quite as much as I do, but I hope this picture can begin to convey to you my love for stupid game show answers.

“Name a state that ends with A? – Arkansas.”

Not all of these clips are the best but man there are some keepers in there. We need to appreciate the stupidity of our fellow humans, give a little chuckle, and pray that we keep our wits about us a little better. Also, was everyone on drugs or slow in the 70s? These people! Just watch… Just… watch. And then laugh.




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