Happy National Chicken Wing Day!



Before we start, be sure to click on the video above so we can set the mood for National Bikini Day! I was definitely down to throw on my bikini and go for a swim but the temperature barely worked its way up to 75 so instead I was forced to don my iconic sweater.

Now for the fun one that I could take part in… Happy National Chicken Wing Day! Everyone flock to KFC with me and get a big ol’ bucket of chicken with some downhome twang and love. Technically I’m not sure I ate traditional ‘chicken wings’ because I opted for the Boneless pieces (who really knows what part of the chicken I scarfed down) but I sure did enjoy it. I’m pretty glad that yesterday’s Independence from Meat day didn’t push me over to be a vegetarian… I would have missed out on that greasy, yummy hunk of poultry!

IMG_3611Finally, believe it or not, but I drew a chicken with my chicken! (I messed with the brightness and contrast to make it show in the photo.) Don’t judge me but I ate my chicken straight out of the box on a tv tray and finished it off with such ravenous fervor that I accidentally threw part of it down at one point. When I was finished and cleaning up my mess I looked down and saw a work of art! You can judge for yourself, but I figure this is a pretty incredible omen for Chicken Wing Day. Don’t worry, it’s all cleaned up now. : )



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