Happy National Independence From Meat Day!



Today we celebrate plenty of independence as we not only recognize our nation’s independence from Britain, but also our personal independence from meat! I’ve never been a vegetarian or ever truly wanted to be a vegetarian but I do consider my diet pretty low on meat. I would say that I’m independent from meat because vegetables are just as important to me. I’m not strapped to a piece of steak for dinner, it’s rather a couple bites of heavily seasoned protein to complement my full plate of veggies. Today at the 4th of July barbecue-potluck the pickings were a little slim on the meat-free choices so I filled my plate with exactly what I wanted, meat or not. I guess for me, this Independence From Meat Day is showed more by my ability to eat anything I want than being suppressed and tortured to pick around for what I can eat.

In the words of one of my favorite vegetarians, “Oh puppy, you’re going to love me. I’ve never eaten a bite of animal in my life!”


P.S. You may have noticed that the site now has a different banner and title, don’t worry you’re at the right place! I figured my ‘catchphrase’ was a little more fitting for a title and although we’ve proved that this term is 100% correct I’m sure we can find something to celebrate on the off-days too.



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