Happy National Stay Out of the Sun Day!

out of sun


Although I’m not an obvious redhead and my freckles have faded over the years, my skin is fragile to the point of despair. Within moments of entering a sunbeam I have a mild panic attack, feeling my skin immediately soaking up every UV ray, and frantically search for the nearest sanctuary of shade. Over the years I’ve honed my sunburn-avoidance skills and it’s rare that I find myself slathering on aloe-vera anymore, simply because I’m sunscreen ready with a shade action plan at all times. Those dreadful times that I do fry like an egg on the sidewalk are usually because my pride got the best of me and I couldn’t break away from the crowd or burden my buddies to fight for a table with an umbrella… Oh the woes.

So today I happily followed the national day and didn’t go outside for more than a minute. Sleeping until 10:30 got me off to a good start, then I worked on emptying my DVR, crossed off an assignment for an online summer course, taught an oboe lesson, and went to the movies for Despicable Me 2 with my mumsy and Eric (soooo cute, soooo funny, soooo good).  Although I was pretty sure I would manage to stay out of harms way today I still put on my daily sunscreen lotion, just to be safe. SPF 75 is my go-to UV protection but my daily SPF 30 still gets the job done… for about 10 minutes.



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